Finance Council

The Finance Council provides consultative advice to the pastor/administrator toward financial implementation of the Pastoral Council goals.  Working closely with the Pastor, Parish Administrator, and the Business Manager, the Finance Council recommends a yearly budget, monitors parish expenses and income, oversees building and property maintenance, and helps with fundraising and stewardship.  Terms are for three years.  Express your interest in being considered to Fr. John, 534-5449., or by email at: frjvallier@stjohnvianney.net

Current members of the Finance Council are:

Mike Bronson, Dana Franzoi, David Hodge, Marie Miller (ex officio), Tom Vitalis, Kevin McCormick, Dan Weibel.

SJV Foundation Board of Trustees

The purpose of the St. John Vianney Foundation is to support, enhance, and promote resources, programs and activities designed to meet the educational needs and goals of the parish community.  The Board of Trustees is the body that monitors the professional managers, awards grants and plans fundraising.  There are three or four meetings per year, and additional time as needed for committee work and to organize fundraising events.  To find out more, contact Sandy Maxim, 724-3129, or by email at: smaxim@stjohnvianney.net.

Current members are:

President – Steve Luczak;  Vice President – Karen Kriscunas;  Treasurer – Susan Rysdyk;  Secretary – Sandy Maxim;  Trustees – Ed Bokhart, John Armendarez, Nicholas Andersen, David S. Lefere, Mary Shamblin, Fr. John Vallier.

Planned Giving Committee

This is a program that will work to raise the visibility of planned giving within St. John Vianney Church in order to build our financial base and secure the future.  Volunteers will visit their fellow parishioners to inquire about their willingness to remember the parish in their will, designate the parish as beneficiary on an annuity or insurance policy or simply give a cash donation.

Contact Sue Murphy at 583-9247 or Sandy Maxim at 724-3129 for more information about how you can be a part of this important ministry, or by email at: smaxim@stjohnvianney.net

Social Justice Committee

The purpose of this committee is to plan, organize and implement service projects throughout the year.

Contact Sister Lucy, 724-3128, for more information, or by email at: sphung@stjohnvianney.net

St. John Vianney School Board

The SJV School Board is a policy-making body, which works with the school administration regarding existing policies, and adoption of new ones as needed.  The Board oversees school budget and insures appropriate curriculum is adopted and accreditation is maintained.  Monthly meetings are required plus any additional time needed for committee work.  Terms are three years.  There is an application process for this commission.

Contact Linda Olejnik at 532-7001 for more information, or by email at: lolejnik@stjohnvianney.net