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Christopher West – The COR Project

The Cor Project is a global outreach founded by Christopher West, the world’s most recognized teacher of Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, with the aim of helping men and women learn, live, and share the beauty and splendor of God’s plan for life, love, and sexuality. This is a project of the heart (“cor” is Latin for heart), attracting those who are yearning for more than what our culture’s approach to happiness and fulfillment has to offer.

We are excited to offer the following benefits to our Members! For just $10 per month you receive:

  • Immediate access to the Cor Membership LibraryEvery time the Cor Project releases a new talk (or series of talks) for sale to the public, free electronic copies are placed in our Member’s Only Library. There are currently over a dozen talks and several Q&A sessions immediately available to you. Members also have a license to share these talks with friends and family.
  • “Living from the Cor” Video JournalChristopher West keeps a personal video journal just for Members! Two-three times a week you will receive short, inspirational videos in which he shares personal insights and reflections on integrating the Theology of the Body into daily life and living from the heart. Members also have a license to share these videos with friends and family. Sample 
  • Priority Access, Special Offers, Free Gifts, and DiscountsMembers receive priority notification and access to all Cor Project events, pilgrimages, webinars and online courses. Periodically you also receive special offers, free gifts (we like to surprise you!), and substantial discounts at our online store.
  • Non-Exclusive BenefitsIn addition to the above exclusive benefits, you will receive the following, which we also offer through our general email list and social media:
    • Cor Quotes: bite-sized morsels of wisdom and inspiration from Christopher West’s books and talks (Mon-Fri)
    • Cor Blog: regular reflections and commentary on issues of faith and culture from Christopher West and occasional guest bloggers (Tues, Thurs)
    • Cor Thoughts: written reflections by Christopher West on the forthcoming Sunday Mass readings. Share these with your parish priest, friends, and family!
    • Helping to Build a Culture of Life
    As a Member of the Cor Project, your $10 monthly fee is helping to fund a global outreach that goes to the “cor” of today’s cultural crisis. You are playing a significant part in the building a “culture of life” through the new evangelization. Thank you!Daily benefits are delivered to your email inbox. You will receive one email per day (Mon-Fri) with that day’s benefits.We look forward to partnering with you in learning, living, and sharing Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body!

Please check out These CorTalks (clicking on these links will automatically download the talk in mp3 format) :

Build a Better Family – Grace Before Meals

The Movement

Grace Before Meals is a movement to bring families back to the dinner table- away from work, school, TV, games, and the many other things we get caught up in- to share a delicious meal together, communicate and love one another and be nourished- body, mind, and soul.  How?  With easy lessons, tasty recipes and reasons to come together and share in the love that only a family or friend can provide.

Grace Before Meals is centered on one fundamental concept: the simple act of creating and sharing a meal can strengthen all kinds of relationships.  Research has been done to show that the family that eats (and prays) together will stay together, so it is our mission to give families the tools they need to come together at dinner time and be nourished- body, mind, and soul.  Luckily, these “tools” are simply delicious and easy-to-make recipes, ideas for talking together, and prayers to bring God to the table.  So join in on the movement and share it with family, friends and even enemies, for the best way to one’s heart is through the stomach.  Let us serve one another with Grace Before Meals….and after meals too.  Visit the Grace Before Meals website:

About Fr. Leo Patalinghug, founder of Grace Before Meals:

Born in the Philippines and raised in the Baltimore area, Fr. Leo actually developed his love for cooking while attending the seminary at the North American College in Rome.  There, he became friendly with several Italian restaurant owners and would often invite them back to the student kitchen to trade cooking secrets.  They would teach him about rigatoni and lasagna; he would show them how to make hamburgers and ribs.  Today, he is a skilled cook who still enjoys learning how to make new dishes, and loves the process of preparing a meal, as much as he does sharing it with a table full of friends.

On March 14, 2015,  Fr. Leo was a guest speaker at the Kepha Men’s Conference, held at West Catholic High School in Grand Rapids.  Click on the links below to access the Holy Family Radio recordings of Fr. Leo’s talks.  He is a dynamic and inspirational speaker.  I encourage you to listen and be inspired to learn how to better nourish your family in body, mind, and soul.

Programs for All Ages

 For more information, schedules or to volunteer to help out
with any of the ministries listed, please contact:

 Marty Best

Faith Formation Coordinator


At Home Materials

Here you can find seasonal materials for individual or family faith development. Check back often for the links will be updated periodically.

Parish Missions

Parish Missions are offered periodically throughout the year.  These three-day events are designed to renew the faith of the parish.  Watch the bulletin for upcoming dates or contact Marty Best.

Faith Festivals

Faith Festivals are offered periodically throughout the year and range in topic and format.  We have had an All Hallows Eve Festival in the October, St. John Vianney Celebration in August, Lourdes Festival, Family Movie Nights, and Pentecost Family Retreat Day.  Contact Marty Best for upcoming dates or watch the bulletin.