The general purpose of the St. John Vianney Foundation is to support, enhance and promote resources, programs, and activities designed to meet the needs and vision of the St. John Vianney Parish Community.


St. John Vianney Board of Trustees

  • Fr. John Vallier
  • Nicholas Andersen
  • Edward Bokhart
  • Jennifer Hartman
  • Karen Kriscunas, Vice President
  • David S. Lefere
  • Steve Luczak, President
  • Sandy Maxim, Secretary
  • Sue Rysdyk, Treasurer
  • Mary Shamblin


St. John Vianney Foundation Funds

In accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the St. John Vianney Foundation, the Foundation will receive, hold, manage, and invest gifts of money and property for the funds indicated below.

Gifts received by the Foundation can be specifically donated to any of the designated funds or can be left unrestricted.  The Trustees shall apportion unrestricted gifts to one or more of the Foundation’s funds on an annual basis.

Education Foundation (Endowment) Fund

The Education Foundation (Endowment) Fund is the original Foundation fund.  The investment  returns from this fund are available to support the general educational needs of the parish including Faith Formation as well as the school.  The income from these investments is disbursed through consultation with parish and school leadership in response to grant requests.

Catholic School Fund

Income from the Catholic School Fund will be used to fund the operations of the school.  The investment income will be transferred to the school to directly offset operating expenses.  The fund is to be treated as an endowed fund but with provisions to address unforeseen needs.

Tuition Assistance Fund

Funds apportioned to, or specifically donated to the Tuition Assistance Fund will be used to support students attending St. John Vianney School who meet grant guidelines.

Capital Fund

Funds apportioned to, or specifically donated to the Capital Fund will be used to fund capital projects within St. John Vianney Parish.  The Capital Fund is being used in support of the “Faith in Our Future” campaign.  As of 9/30/2017 we were holding $14,351 in the Capital Fund.  During the fiscal year, $48,000 was transferred to support the Parish heating/cooling upgrades. The total represents only a portion of the total capital raised by the campaign. The fund is used primarily for contributors who can receive matching corporate donations.

General Fund

The General Fund was created in 2010 and does not contain enough funds to open an account.


In 2017 the Foundation paid out over $159,618 to:

  • General Operating expenses for the school. This support of $73,079 from the Catholic School Fund helps keep tuition increases to a minimum.
  • Support the parish and school with grants to enhance educational programs and opportunities. This includes the Faith Formation Department and the Day Care and Preschool Department.
  • Partial reimbursement to teachers for continuing education classes.
  • Tuition assistance to families.





Our next event will be the 7th Annual Gala to be held on Saturday, January 26th at Noto’s Old World Restaurant.  The event will begin at 6:00 pm with hors d’oevres and socializing followed by dinner and presentation of our awards.  Music will be provided by the band BRENA.  Please watch for invitations in the mail.

Sponsorship opportunities are available and are crucial to the event being successful.  Please contact Sandy Maxim at or 724-3129 for more information.

Gala 2017







Annual Appeal 2019

Since the completion (for most of us) of our Renewing the Spirit Campaign, our major fund raiser has become our Annual Appeal.  It is important to keep contributions coming in to all of our Funds so that we can continue to be a source of funding for the parish and school.  Our AA 2018 was very successful and $45,590 was donated.  Thank you for your stewardship.


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For information about the Foundation or to volunteer or donate, contact Sandy Maxim at or 724-3129