Dear Parents and Families,

Happy summer to you all!  I am following up on the letter you recently received from the Office of Catholic Schools sharing the summary of the results of the diocesan parent survey and updating you about next steps in our planning.  I want to echo what was shared in that letter and to let you know what we are doing at St. John Vianney School to prepare for the year ahead. 

When we began our planning last spring, we did so with a positive attitude, a commitment to our mission, and the goal of returning to in-person instruction on August 19th with as many students as safely possible.  Since then, we have re-opened Child Care and our halls are once again filled with happy sounds.  We have invited SJV Board members, faculty, and staff to build on the initial guidance provided by diocesan administrators and to plan to fully deliver our mission within three models of instruction:  in-person, a hybrid model of in-person and remote learning, and fully remote learning.  In this way, we are prepared to provide a top-quality Catholic education within whatever scenario is required in August and throughout the rest of the year.  We know the majority of our parents want their children to be in school and learning with their teachers, and I believe this is best practice.  We are working with great diligence to make sure this is possible, and we will keep you informed as our planning is finalized.  In any scenario, you can expect that your child will be engaged, challenged and supported in learning and in growing in faith.        

Thank you for providing your feedback and, on behalf of everyone here at SJV, thank you for creating an environment of trust and partnership between home and school. As SJV Comets, our children learn first-hand about the power of a community of faith working together.  This is the tradition at SJV, this is what helped us navigate the challenges of last spring, and with God’s guidance and grace, it is what will carry us through next school year.   

In the meantime, we will keep you informed of new developments and our work as we progress.  You can expect an update following the Governor’s communication of her “Return to School Roadmap” on June 30th.  We move forward with the full engagement of our Board, faculty, and staff in planning for the future, and I look forward to celebrating the start of the year with you. 

God is GREAT all the time.

Comets SHINE all the time.


Linda Olejnik, Principal

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