Diocese approves opening of new Catholic school in Ada

Most Reverend David J. Walkowiak, bishop of Grand Rapids, is pleased to announce that a new independent Catholic elementary school will open in Ada in the fall of 2018.
The new elementary school, St. Robert Catholic School, will be located at St. Robert of Newminster Parish (6477 Ada Drive, Ada, MI 49301). It will open with child care, preschool, kindergarten, first and second grades, with one grade per year added through the eighth grade.
The school will provide a premier Catholic education that empowers every student to develop their God-given potential through a culture designed to nurture their relationship with Christ. An excellent academic curriculum, where the Catholic faith is foundational to every discipline, will prepare students for high school, with a particular focus in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). An array of cocurricular and extracurricular activities will also be available.
“While there are alternatives to Catholic schools, there are no substitutions,” said Bishop Walkowiak. “I am pleased to offer the families in the Ada and Cascade areas this opportunity to provide their children with a Catholic school education which nourishes a child’s mind, body, and soul.”
“It is exciting to see the growth and positive energy which has emerged due to the Bishop’s Catholic Schools Initiative and our new strategic plan – ‘Catholic Schools: Bridging Faith and Future’,” said David Faber, superintendent of Catholic Schools. “I am grateful for the collaboration of Catholic community leaders, the parish, and the diocese in making this new school possible, and I look forward to working with parents to give their children the best education possible.”
The new “Bridging Faith and Future” strategic plan for Catholic schools in the diocese (announced in August) calls for examining ways to bring Catholic education to areas where families do not currently have easy access to a Catholic school, including in the southeast and southwest suburban areas of Grand Rapids.
In our diocese, this will be the first Catholic school to open in more than 50 years where one did not exist previously. This independent Catholic school will be operated by an entity legally distinct from the diocese and it will ensure that the school gets off to a strong start. The school will meet the requirements for recognition and approval as an independent Catholic school within the diocese.
Plans are underway for the recruitment of a board of directors and the hiring of a new school principal. Enrollment at the new school will begin in spring 2018.
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Diocesan pilgrims to join the March for Life

March for Life 2018 Theme: 
“Love saves lives”

Dates: Jan. 18-21, 2017
(March taking place Friday, Jan. 19)
Location: Washington, D.C.

WATCH: March for Life live coverage on EWTN

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Hundreds of youth, young adults and adults from our diocese will make the pilgrimage to Washington, D.C. to participate in the 45th Annual March for Life to march, pray and peacefully protest the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision and to promote the gift and sanctity of life. Along with students from high schools and colleges/universities throughout our diocese, many of our parishes as well as Grand Rapids Right to Life will be represented at the March.

Please pray for our pilgrims and pray for and do your part to advocate for the sanctity of life. View Respect Life resources on our website.

Plenary Indulgence for participants

Christian faithful who participate in the 2018 March for Life may receive a plenary Indulgence. In order to receive the Indulgence while attending the March for Life you must be detached from sin, pray for the pope’s intentions and, within a few days, make a sacramental confession and receive the Eucharist.
The elderly, sick, and those unable to leave home will be able to receive a plenary Indulgence if they fulfill the same requirements as those of the pilgrims while spiritually joining themselves to the March and offering prayers and their own physical sufferings to God.
If you are not able to complete all of the requirements necessary for a plenary Indulgence you may still be granted a partial Indulgence.

Nine Days for Life

Four Ways to Participate!
Your prayers matter; Your sacrifices make a difference
Since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision 45 years ago, more than 58 million children’s lives have been lost to abortion, and the lives of millions of their parents have been shattered. In prayerful recognition of these lost and broken lives, the U.S. Bishops invited Catholics and others nationwide to participate in Nine days of prayer, penance and pilgrimage Jan. 18-26. Click the link for details or to receive the daily novena in English and Spanish each day by email, text message, or through their app.

Questions about the March for Life Pilgrimage? 

Please contact Mark Mann, coordinator of family, youth and young adult ministry, 616-475-1243 or mmann@dioceseofgrandrapids.org or Mary Pereira, 616-243-3927 or mpereira@dioceseofgrandrapids.org.