There is obviously – and appropriately – a great deal of concern about the spread of the coronavirus. I share that concern. By now you know that I am very big on both faith and science. I applaud all the steps that are being taken by medical science to halt the spread of the coronavirus. I am incredibly disappointed by an almost nonexistent call to prayer.

We should all heed the medical advice and take appropriate simple actions to lessen the risk of contracting or passing on the coronavirus. I personally find that the best force for information, which is neither minimized nor sensationalized, is the Wall Street Journal. They have an entire section dedicated to the coronavirus that is updated regularly as new information is available.

At the same time that we take practical action, we need to take spiritual action. Interestingly enough, the original spread of the coronavirus relates to two major feast days of Our Lady. The first reported case was to a person named Chen on December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. On December 12, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a vendor in the Hua’nan market fell sick. Shortly thereafter, the coronavirus began a rapid spread into the population of the Wuhan region in China.

In “days of old” when “pestilence” broke out, there would be a call for prayer and fasting to halt the pestilence and for recovery of those afflicted. I think we need to turn to Our Lady. The Rosary has been an incredibly important weapon in times of need for Christianity. This Lent, I ask you to say the Rosary every day for the halt of the coronavirus and the full and speedy recovery of all those afflicted. I also think it appropriate during Lent to add a sacrifice or fast to your prayers.

Please pass this information to your friends and family.

Yours in Christ,

Steve Bollman

Founder and President, Paradisus Dei


Happy New Year!

20 (CATHOLIC) New Year’s Resolutions To Consider… That You Can Begin Any Time!

  1. Read your Bible for 10 minutes a day.
  2. Attend one daily Mass (in addition to Sunday Mass) each week.
  3. Write down one thing you’re thankful to God for each evening.
  4. Bring Holy Communion to someone that can’t make it to Mass each week.
  5. Pray the Angelus every day at noon before lunch.
  6. Take a priest to lunch once a month.
  7. Sign up for an hour of adoration each week.
  8. Visit someone in the local nursing home every other week.
  9. Go on a Catholic pilgrimage.
  10. Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy every day at 3:00pm.
  11. Fast from eating in-between meals on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  12. Read a new Catholic book once a month.
  13. Financially support a religious community of sisters.
  14. Mark your calendar and honor the Marian feast days of the year.
  15. Enroll in a course to help you better understand your faith.
  16. Pray a Litany of Saints every day with your family.
  17. Turn (and keep) the dial on Catholic Radio.
  18. Pray a morning offering before you get out of bed.
  19. Join the men’s or women’s group at your parish.
  20. Pray a decade of the Rosary with your spouse every night.

Choose just one, or combine a few. Most importantly, stick with it the best you’re able.

The Domestic Church

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