Program Description

High School youth are invited to participate in weekly High School Youth Ministry meetings.  We use the Ydisciple program through the FORMED website.

YDisciple is a re-thinking of the way youth ministry is done in the Church. It provides an ideal environment for teenagers to come to know and love their faith. Discipleship is not a program – it is an apprenticeship in the Christian life.

YDisciple is designed to:

  • Train and equip adults to disciple teens.
  • Connect teens with caring, faith-filled adults who can apprentice them in the disciplines of a disciple.
  • Draw teens out of the crowd into an environment where they can be known and cared for.
  • Catechize in a small-group setting where testimony, discussion, and faith sharing can take place.
  • Support parents with resources to grow in their own faith and share their faith with their teenagers.
  • Provide quality content so adult leaders can effectively introduce and explore topics of the faith.
  • Mobilize as many adults as possible to mentor teens through a user-friendly online platform.

Sessions generally follow this format:

  • Dig in – Introduce the Session with Activity or Discussion
  • Plant Seeds – Lead the Opening Prayer and Set up the Theme with a Scripture Passage, Catechism reference, or Notable Quote that Captures the Study
  • Sink Roots – Watch the Video Segments for the Main Content of the Study
  • Live It – Explore how to Live these Teachings
  • Take it to Prayer – Pray and Encourage Prayer and Reflection
  • Bear Fruit – Summarize and Help the Teens Set Resolutions to Live these Teachings




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