Auction is Saturday, November 9.  Registration is now open!  If you haven’t registered yet, REGISTER HERE and plan on attending this fantastic and fun event!

This year, we will have Gift Card Frenzy again.


A wide variety of gift cards at different price points will be offered by our auctioneer at certain times during the live auction at a fund and frenzied pace.  The auctioneer will read the name and the amount of the gift card prior to offering the retail value.  The first paddle visible to the auctioneer will be the winner of that gift card! The auctioneer reserves the right to hold a short “bid-off” on the gift card if there is more than one paddle in the air at the same time.  Make sure you practice your quick-draw for this portion of the night – it will be all about who has the fastest hand during the Gift Certificate Frenzy rounds.

Visit the Auction Website for more information about auction