What is Cursillo?

The Cursillo is an Apostolic Movement of the Roman Catholic Church.  It is an encounter with Christ.  It employs a method that emphasizes the importance of a balanced life of piety, continued spiritual study and action to help us keep Christ at the center of our lives.

The Cursillo is introduced and explained over a 3-day weekend retreat which includes daily prayer, Mass and opportunities for confession.  Here a team of religious and laymen present a series of talks.    The titles of the talks indicate their content: Ideal, Habitual Grace, Layperson in the Church, Actual Grace, Piety, Study, the Sacraments, Action, Obstacles to Grace, Leaders, Study of Environments, Life in Grace, Christianity in Action, the Cursillista Beyond Cursillo, and Total Security.  These talks are then discussed in small groups which allows for sharing insights about the presentations.  At the end of the weekend candidates feel closer to Christ, have a better understanding of their Catholic faith and of the power of the Holy Spirit.

After the 3-day weekend, the community spirit is continued through small group reunions and Ultreyas.  A group reunion is a weekly gathering 3-6 friends (men’s groups and women’s groups) who share their enthusiastic faith in Jesus Christ.  The Ultreya is the gathering of all the groups in one area usually every month.

Is Cursillo for You?

Do you feel called to a deeper commitment to your faith?  Do you want to more fully understand the mission you are called to through your baptism.  Are you looking for a way to sustain your Christian journey?  Are you a Practicing Catholic adult (able to participate in the sacraments)?

To attend a Cursillo 3-Day Weekend, you will need a sponsor within Cursillo — maybe a friend who is active in Cursillo.  A sponsor will prepare you for the weekend, will help you find a Group and will introduce you to Ultreya.

For more information please contact Marty Best at (616) 724-3132, or mbest@stjohnvianney.net.

Cursillo Application