If you missed Jon Leonetti during St. John Vianney’s Advent Parish Mission last December and would still like to experience the Surge of the Heart Parish Mission, or if you would like to attend the Mission again, here is an opportunity to do just that.

Jon Leonetti will be at St. Patrick Church in Portland, Michigan on August 12, 13, and 14, 2018.  Jon’s presentation begins at 7:00 PM each evening.

Sunday: Who is God and Why does He Matter?

We cannot love someone we don’t know.  So how do we come to know God?  Jon examines the ways He has revealed Himself to us to help us better understand who we are and what our mission in life is all about.

Monday (Adoration, Benediction 6 PM): God’s Dream for Your Life

God’s dream is to make you a saint.  Jon shares both powerful and humorous stories of Catholic men and women who revolutionized their generation, living and sharing the extraordinary love and mercy of God in the most ordinary of ways.


Tuesday (Mass 6 PM): Let’s be Saints

Every saint had a mission.  Every saint had a plan.  We should, too.  Jon explains the three things every saint had in common, and how we can implement them into our lives as well.


For more information, contact Carolyn: (517) 647-6505  ext. 418