Join us Nov. 30 in 24-hours of giving by making your donation between 12 a.m. (midnight) and 11:59 p.m.!

Every year since we began participating in 2017, the response of Catholics in our diocese to #GiveCatholicWM on Giving Tuesday has been exciting to witness. Thank you for your support of our diocese’s parishes, schools, and other ministries, and for sharing the gifts of your time, talent and treasure all year through!

NEW THIS YEAR: Challenge Grants!

The Catholic Foundation of West Michigan has generously agreed to sponsor this year’s #GivingCatholicWM campaign with grants totaling $10,000!

The six challenges are intended to encourage participation, inspire the sharing of faithful, joyous stories, and spark good-natured competition. Rally your communities to take up these challenges throughout the 24-hours of giving on Nov. 30 and compete to receive additional funds for your mission!

Learn how you can participate

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for Catholics and others to #GiveCatholicWM in support of our diocese’s parishes, schools, and other ministries. During 24 hours of giving on Nov. 30, we encourage you to donate to your favorite parish, school, or other ministry in the diocese with the goal of accomplishing good things together with others through the power of generosity.

The opportunity to give begins at 12 a.m. on Nov. 30. From 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., you’ll be able to give securely online through the diocesan giving website (donate link will be made available on this page starting at midnight on Nov. 30). Individuals have the option to give in general or to designate their gift for a particular parish, school, or other ministry. Credit card fees will not be charged which means 100% of your designated donation will go to the parish, school or ministry you select!

Giving Tuesday and the Gospel value of charity

Since 2012, Giving Tuesday has become the world’s largest giving movement. At the heart of this movement is what Catholics recognize as the Gospel value of charity. “Charity unites love of God with love of neighbor; it bridges Old and New Testaments; it provides the foundation for human morality; it spans all time and all peoples.” (In All Things Charity: A Pastoral Challenge for the New Millennium, USCCB) As a people who recognize that all we have as well as who we are comes from a God of bountiful love, generosity of spirit, of time, and of material goods is an integral part of our Catholic faith and, when practiced, has the ability to bring people together, promote human dignity, and build a better society.

Giving Tuesday is also an opportunity to give of our time

While COVID-19 still presents hurdles to volunteering in certain places, some organizations have continued to or resumed doing this safely in person. Still others may offer virtual volunteer opportunities. If you wish to give of your time, check with the non-profit ahead of time to determine how they are operating.

Other ways to give of our time include checking in on a neighbor, giving blood, or showing your gratitude for health care workers, service providers, and other essential workers by writing and sending letters of thanks to a local hospital, or dropping off a donation of gift cards, perhaps to a local coffee shop or cafe/restaurant.

In 2020, Giving Tuesday donations received through the diocesan website totaled $23,853 (more than 6 times that of the previous year) and the overall total, including donations received directly by individual parishes and schools, was $147,148. These funds went to support our parishes, schools and ministries in carrying out the mission of the Church through evangelization, pastoral care, formation, education, and outreach.

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What are the origins of Giving Tuesday? (Giving Tuesday website)