Catholic Burial Traditions –


Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus,
The Catholic Cemetery Conference (CCC) strives to provide
information, training, best practices and guidance for Catholic
Cemeteries throughout the United States and Canada. CCC’s
mission is to promote, to educate and to inculcate a culture of
Catholic burial. Burying the dead is a Corporal Work of Mercy
and an essential part of the Church’s mission.

We live in the hope of the resurrection promised by Christ who
spoke of the human person as a temple of the Holy Spirit. For that reason care and
respect for the deceased matters greatly. The Church strives to assist grieving families in
laying their loved ones to rest and provides support and comfort to the family and loved
ones of the deceased.

These materials and videos presented by the CCC spell out what that care and respect
needs to look like through the whole burial process. From pre-planning for death to the
Vigil, to the Funeral Mass and the Rite of Committal, these materials and videos provide
information on how Catholic Cemeteries accompany families in this difficult time.
Likewise, lesson plans are presented in order to introduce children and young people to
the Rites of Christian Burial, outlining how and why the Church treats the human body
in death with the utmost respect and dignity.

The burial or entombment of the deceased person’s body or cremated remains is central
to the Church’s mission. The hope of CCC is that these materials will assist bishops,
priests, Catholic cemeterians and pastoral educators to inform our Catholic people of
the Church’s approach to death and burial of loved ones.

Choicest blessings!

Sincerely yours in Christ,



Most Rev. Gerald F. Kicanas
Episcopal Advisor for the Catholic Cemetery Conference
Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Tucson