Advent begins on Sunday, November 28 this year. Do something wonderful for yourself and your family by taking a few minutes each day during Advent to participate in ONE of the many Advent programs that are available.

Here are some suggestions:

  • FORMED Daily: Advent with Dr. Tim Gray – On the FORMED website – This Advent season, walk with Dr. Tim Gray on a journey of renewal to ready your heart for the coming of Christ. Each day of Advent, Dr. Gray will unpack the meaning of this season and its rich traditions, as well as offer practical advice for making this Advent your best yet.
  • Dynamic Catholic’s Best Advent EverThere are things that draw you toward the light. And there are things that draw you into the darkness.So much of the world wants to draw you into the darkness of worry, fear, procrastination, negative self-talk, toxic relationships…the list goes on.This Advent, discover and choose the things that draw you to the light! Get inspiring daily video reflections sent straight to your inbox—for free. Taken from Matthew Kelly’s life-changing new book, Life Is Messy, each reflection will help you infuse your life with prayer, reading, authentic love of self, genuine friendship, beautiful kindness and so much more!And when Christmas arrives, you’ll be ready to share the light you’ve gathered along the way!
  • Rejoice! Advent Meditations from Ascension Press – What does God want this Advent? Simple. He wants you. He want a personal encounter with you. This year, as we journey through Advent with Rejoice! Finding Your Place in the Advent Story, we’ll learn about the places, people, and events that shaped the story of the very first Advent and shape our own lives today.Together with the guided meditation videos, this journal will help you to see the how the people, places, and events of the first Advent affected Jesus’s story. You will take time to look at the people, places, and events in your own life, to see how the Lord is shaping your story, today.Rejoice! will help you open your heart to the peace and joy of the Advent season as you prepare for the coming of Jesus this Christmas. We look forward to journeying with you.
  • Brother Francis: The Days of Advent from Ignatius Press – Join Brother Francis in this special episode that helps children observe the days of Advent in a way that will be meaningful and fun! This episode includes :
    • A short introduction on what Advent is, how it differs from the Christmas season and why we celebrate it.
    • A fun and catchy intro song to help us remember what Advent is all about.
    • 29 meaningful meditations, beautifully illustrated and led by Brother Francis!
    • “Let’s Pray” – each meditation is accompanied by an on-screen prayer where the entire family can ask God’s help in living out that day’s devotional.
    • “Advent Action” – each day ends with a suggested way to put the meditation into practice. From making a list of people to pray for, to helping those in need, the discussion sections help kids put faith into action.

    Note: Advent covers four Sundays, and varies in duration from 23 to 28 days, depending on its start date. Each year, it begins on the Sunday falling closest to the feast day of St. Andrew the Apostle, which is November 30. This DVD includes meditations and prayers to cover 28 days of the Advent season, plus an extra for Christmas day!

    Presented with the same great balance of devotion and fun as in all other Brother Francis episodes, “Brother Francis: The Days of Advent” is a great way to celebrate the Lord’s coming before Christmas!

Just pick one and stick with it. This could very well be the beginning of a beautiful new habit.