Jon Leonetti has dedicated his life to helping Catholics fall in love and stay in love with the living God. Jon invites you and your parish to take part in the Surge of the Heart parish mission for A THREE EVENING CATHOLIC MISSION YOU WILL NEVER FORGET.

St. John Vianney’s 75th Year Celebration

continues with a parish mission given by Jon Leonetti, December 10-12, in the church from 7-8 PM each evening.  Jon will help us answer the question, Who is God and why love Him?  He will also pursue an understanding of God’s dream for your life, and how to live that dream.  Mark your calendar and be sure to joins us for the whole mission.

EVENING 1: Sunday, December 10


​We cannot love someone we don’t know. Therefore, in order to love God we have to first know God. So how do we come to know God? We examine the ways he’s revealed himself to us. And in understanding the ways he’s revealed himself to us, we better understand who we are, too. Jon takes us through the greatest love story ever told––the Bible––helping us see how God wants to break into our lives, and how it will change us completely if we let him do it.


EVENING 2: Monday, December 11


God’s dream is to make you a saint. No matter who you are, God has called you by name, waiting for your yesWhat does that yes look like? On this second evening, Jon shares both powerful and humorous stories of Catholic men and women who revolutionized their generation, living and sharing the extraordinary love and mercy of God in the most ordinary of ways. They’re stories that will make you laugh and stories that will make you cheer—and stories that will make you want to go and do likewise.


EVENING 3: Tuesday, December 12


With great love comes much responsibility. A responsibility to live and share the Gospel with those around us. How are we equipped for the mission Christ has given us? We have to get back to the basics. Jon shares 3 practical and effective ways we as Catholics can strengthen our resolve to live the life God always meant for us to live, and bring others with us along the way.