The Most Important Work I Will Ever Do

 by Matthew Kelly

I hope you had a fantastic summer and that God blesses you and your families as many of you prepare for your children and grandchildren to start their new school year.

Like most parents, I have massive hopes and dreams for the future of my children. When I have a quiet moment to watch them work on homework or practice the piano, I often find myself wondering about their future. What will Walter’s interests be? What will Isabel do professionally? What will the great challenges and passions of their lives be? How will my sons and daughter develop in to the men and woman they were born to become?

Before long, I often come to the most important question of all: How will I pass the faith on to my children?

My life has been remarkably blessed. God has given me the privilege to serve him in incredible ways. But in all my life I don’t think I have held such a lofty ambition as that of passing the faith on to my children. And that ambition is not unique to me. Every year millions of parents, grandparents, teachers, catechists, and pastors yearn to pass the faith on to the next generation of Catholics.

It’s because of this ambition that I am excited to announce that starting this month, preparation for First Communion and First Reconciliation will never be the same. As I write this, thousands of parishes across the country are receiving their first copy of Blessed, Dynamic Catholic’s new First Communion & First Reconciliation Experience.

Since we announced the release of Blessed this past March, the response has been breathtaking. I’m humbled to share we have received more than 30,000 pre-orders for the program. The hundreds of thousands of children who experience Blessedthis year will be the first children in decades to encounter the Catholic faith in a way that is dynamic and engaging.

They will discover beautifully illustrated workbooks that meet them right where they are. We partnered with an Emmy Award-winning animation studio to create the Blessed animation series—the first-ever animated film series for sacramental preparation—which will captivate their hearts and minds and leave them thirsty for more.

The catechist-friendly leader guide is designed to maximize the effectiveness of busy volunteers who will finally have a program they will love to teach. And the parent component is an answer to what catechists, teachers, DREs, pastors, and bishops have been crying out for: a dynamic way to engage disengaged parents so they make faith a priority in their lives.

The Church has never seen anything like this before, and it is likely the most important work I will ever do in my lifetime. I invite you to request your free copy of the Blessed First Reconciliation Program Pack or pre-order the Blessed First Communion Program Pack.

May God bless us and our children with the gift of faith,


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